LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, May 18, 2014

Help promote!

Please help us promote the workshop both in academia and in industry. If you think of a mailing list or an event where the workshop can be promoted, please let us know!

Banners to promote LangSec IEEE SPW'14

Banners for software engineers and architects

Our first set of promotional banners are a gift from Felix 'FX' Lindner. The theme is Irresponsible ad-hocery: putting an ad-hoc parser on a system people trust with their data is no better than driving on the highway with a lashed-on Babel tower of stuff -- there's no telling when it comes apart and who might get hurt.

LangSec SPW 2014 leaderboard

LangSec SPW 2014 banner

High-definition banners

LangSec SPW 2014 HD narrow

LangSec SPW 2014 HD wide