LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, May 18, 2014

Workshop program

First Language-theoretic Security (LangSec) IEEE Security & Privacy Workshop
Preliminary Program
9:00-10am Keynote: Caspar Bowden, "Seven Types of Metadata Ambiguity"
10:00-10:30am Morning Coffee Break
10:30am-12noon First Session: Papers
Eric Jaeger & Olivier Levillain, "Mind Your Language(s): A Discussion about Languages and Security" [PDF]
Dennis Volpano, "LEGO(TM) Bricks for Reactive Programming" [PDF]
Julian Bangert & Nickolai Zeldovich, "Nail: A Practical Interface Generator for Binary Formats" [PDF]
W. Michael Petullo, Wenyuan Fei, Jon Solworth & Pat Gavlin, "Ethos' Deeply Integrated Distributed Types" [PDF]
12-1:15pm Lunch
1:15-2:30pmSecond Session: Research Reports
Travis Goodspeed, "Phantom Boundaries and Cross-layer Illusions in Digital Radio" [PDF]
Robert David Graham & Peter C. Johnson, "Finite State Machine Parsing for Internet Protocols: Faster Than You Think" [PDF]
Olivier Levillain, "Parsifal: a Pragmatic Solution to the Binary Parsing Problem" [PDF]
Andreas Bogk & Marco Schöpl, "Pitfalls of Protocol Design: Attempting to Write a Formally Verified PDF Parser"  [PDF]
2:30-3pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3-5pmThird Session: Invited Talks, Research Reports
Julien Vanegue, "The Weird Machines in Proof-Carrying Code" [PDF]
Sarat Kompalli, "Using Existing Hardware Services for Malware Detection"
Erik Bosman, "Who needs userland anyway: two words on generic shellcode" (invited from the main IEEE S&P track) [PDF]
Felix 'FX' Lindner, "Selling LangSec: Tales from the Alchemist's Apprentice" [PDF]
5-5:30pm Thanks & Further Research Directions